Eric Aaberg

[email protected]

TikTok Specialist @ Complexity

In 2021, I joined Complexity Gaming (Professional Esports Organization owned by the Dallas Cowboys & Gamesquare Esports), as their TikTok Specialist in September. I was brought on to the team to lead their TikTok Channel content & strategy,

This page is a sub-page of my 2021 Year Review collection.

TikTok Strategy to Success

My first day on the job at Complexity was the TimTheTatman Launch Event at The Star District. It was insane – but in a great way. I barely met 2-3 people on the Complexity Team at the time, but at this point it was game time: I was running around all over the place, engaging and interacting with the fans, hyping people up, and getting tons of Tim + Complexity community members on camera for TikToks.

Baka Bros Announcement Campaign

One of my favorite campaigns to be a part of at Complexity 2021-Q4 was the Baka Bros Announcement. I helped capture a behind-the-scenes photo + video documentary (soon to release) of the actual 16-hour video shoot & set, as well as create numerous TikToks capturing the Baka Bros talent energy.

Images below are my own photography & captures.