Eric Aaberg

[email protected]

Founder & Community Director, Student Marketing & Creative Network

In Spring 2021, I launched the Student Marketing & Creative Network (or the SMC Discord Server) – a Discord Server with the goal of connecting those in the marketing & creative fields in esports/gaming together.

This page is a sub-page of my 2021 Year Review collection.

Reasoning on Starting this Community

The reason I started this community spun off two things: A) The involvement I had with Evil Geniuses and B) The lack of networking for modern-day higher education for those in esports & gaming.

If you know me well, I’m an avid speaker against how college is no longer a requirement for being successful – despite us always being told that it was growing up. Instead, I try to promote & create ways others (as college truly isn’t for everyone w/ the lifetime debt it can cause) to be just as successful and grow their professional skills. Thus the birth of the Student Marketing & Creative Discord came to play: creating a community to surround oneself with others in similar shoes, and grow/learn from each other in marketing, creative, and other fields.

“Work Chilling”

I and our team of Community Managers created this term called “Work Chilling” – a perfect way to digitally fill that “void” of not seeing others during the work-from-home phase we’ve been in since the pandemic. Since establishing, hundreds of users have utilized this feature to jump in voice channels together just to casually talk while working their job, personal projects, or just learning from each other.