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Become A Discord Moderator – Online Moderation & Opportunities

Looking for a great side ‘gig to invest some free time working with an esports org, creator, or gaming community?
Discord Server Moderation. I’ve seen a few volunteer mods use moderation as a way to “get involved” with a company/org, and Discord just announced a moderator exam. In this article, I’m going to cover the TL;DR about Discord’s new Moderator Academy Exam as well as why online moderation is such a valuable skill set to have (and great for opening doors to opportunities).

Discord Announces the Discord Moderator Academy Exam (TL;DR)

A few months ago, Discord created an archive of articles called the “Discord Moderator Academy” which created a curriculum for passionate moderators and server owners to learn helpful tips when it comes to keeping their communities safe. This week, Discord announces an official exam that users can take (suggested after reading through the academy articles + allowing 1 hour for completion) in which passing, are invited to the Discord Moderation Discord (DMD) or Teenage Moderation Discord (TMD).

Learn more here:

Why do Discord Servers need moderators?

Well, similarly to Twitch Channels having mods, Discord Servers too need a moderation team to help enforce community guidelines and rules (overall keeping the community happy and safe). Whether that’s removing trolls and users who are “no good” to the community or protecting the server from raids/bots, moderators play an essential role in growing Discord Communities (trust me, from a Discord Partner – you’re going to want to have a team you can put your trust into)! In addition to this, typically esports teams, game-devs, etc. may have volunteer moderators from the community (aka die-hard fans like you) join their moderation team!

Why is this helpful?

WELL! For college students, passionate fans, or someone interested in being able to step their foot-in with a company, esports team, game-dev studio, etc… Discord Moderation is a great way to go with that! Not only does online moderation teach you tons of valuable and workspace skills, but it’s also a great way to get started/involved with that dream esports team you’ve been a fan of for a while. And with this Discord Moderator Academy Exam, you’ll be able to prove that you’ve got the skills to be a great moderator (of course, other things are perfect for plugging as well – like previous experience, knowledgement of that team/org, etc.).

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got some free time, enjoying using Discord, and love online communities – shoot your shot and try out being a Discord Moderator!


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