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Esports Isn’t Just an Industry, It’s a Community

Yesterday I tweeted something I originally thought as a joke (joke in the fact that it was completely obvious that: No, you don’t have to actually be good at video games to work in Esports) – however throughout the day I saw tons of interaction from those in/out the scene preaching this. It came to my realization that this is a common misconception within esports, and that outsiders of the industry don’t have a clue that this is not true (limiting/preventing themselves from wanting to get involved in their dream career).

But I noticed something even greater. I later tweeted some resources such as this helpful graphic highlighting job oppotunities in esports (source) as well as some links like to The Genius League (a Discord Server literally designed to help elevate students, grow & build their skills, network ’em together, and leverage them into getting jobs in the esports industry (AND you can take these skills outside the industry and apply them anywhere too!). What did I notice? I noticed that these tweets spreaded like a wildfire. With over 500 retweets, 4000 likes, and 300,000+ impressions – I noticed that these were new resources to many who have never heard about the opportunities in their dream field.

But the beauty is that tons of faces in the scene were sharing, preaching, and dropping their advice in the Twitter thread. They wereย giving their advice as well to help others land jobs in the same industry. This really is not something you see as often in other industries, and it’s becauseย Esports is not just an industry, it’s a community.ย We as the Esports Industry as a whole benefit all-together when we come together as a community, help each other out, and grow. Because the larger Esports gets and the more popular it gets (which it’s been rapidly growing), the better it is for all of us.

So if you have found yourself interested in Esports but not sure where to start. Shoot me a Direct Message on Twitter, join The Genius League, or email me at [email protected]. I am here to helpย leverage you & give you advice on where to start in esports and to eventually land your dream job! I’ll be honest, it’s going to take some work, but putting your foot in the door andย just startingย is the hardest part.

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