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(DALLAS, TX) October 9, 2021 – Eric Aaberg, TikTok Social Content at Complexity Gaming and Student Director of the Esports Department at The University of Texas at Dallas, was featured in The Esports JournalThe Definitive Esports Journal Industry Magazine, published by Esports Insider. You can read more at

For The Love of Esports

Working in social media wasn’t the first choice for many of these interns. For digital natives, social media is like a second language; so combining that baseline knowledge with a passion for esports seems like a no-brainer.

“I’ve always been a gamer my entire life,” said Eric Aaberg, former Social Media Coordinator Intern at Envy Gaming.

“I did a lot of Minecraft community management in high school and then when I came to my university [The University of Texas at Dallas] they were like ‘Hey, we’re adding an esports program and department’… I did everything I could to try and get a job there.”

After first trying out for UTD’s Esports Program as a competitive player, then as an analyst, and finally as an assistant coach – Aaberg eventually found his home as a part of the creative division. Now, he has overseen a large growth in the program, of which he is currently their Student Director. With his experience, Aaberg was hired as a TikTok Specialist for Complexity Gaming on September 25.

About Eric Aaberg

Eric Aaberg

Head of Social Strategy & Marketing, TGR Creative
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