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Getting Creative When The Internet Goes Down – Facebook Down 2021

Early this week, social media platforms including Facebook Instagram, and WhatsApp went down – as well as Twitter after they received a huge influx of traffic. What did we do while things were down? Get creating and ? make a TikTok around the office! ?

I present to you: Things to do in the Complexity Gaming Office while the internet is out. (10k+ views, 47h:33m:34s watch time)

TikTok is such an awesome platform to get creative on, and still can’t believe it’s already been two weeks at Complexity creating content for their TikTok Channel! ?


Internet is down, time for clean those gaming setups ?? #internetdown #internetdownagain #instagramdown #nointernet #gamingsetup

♬ Jack Stauber Buttercup – JOSHY



Eric Aaberg, TikTok Social Content at Complexity Gaming – Aaberg joined the Frisco-based Esports Organization, Complexity Gaming, in September 2021. Complexity Gaming is associated with the Dallas Cowboys and is located at The Star in Frisco (GameStop Performance Center). Read more here.

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