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Today I hit a very long and huge personal goal of mine that I have had for the past few years, and that is becoming an Official Discord Partner. Words cannot describe the amount of shrill excitement that rushed to my head as my heart sank when I noticed a new Discord Server at the top of my server list. I thought to myself: “Why is there a random Discord Server up here? I thought I just organized things!” I go to click on it, and then I skim the server name and take a quick double-take. “Discord Partners”

I was in the middle of our Coffee Talk Event for collegiate esports student leaders this morning in the Genius League Discord. So I immediately muted my mic as I started *screaming with excitement.* I suddenly tweeted out how exactly I was feeling:


I did it. I finally become ranked amongst the Discord Partners and achieved a goal I always dreamed of hitting ever since using Discord mid/early ~2015. I announced the amazing news on my Twitter feed once my heartbeat came back to a normal bpm (rather than as if I just finished a mile run).


In case you didn’t know, I actually founded and started the UT Dallas Discord – a place that has grown in popularity amongst students, staff, clubs, alumni, and prospective students / local community college students at The University of Texas at Dallas. From originally being featured in the student newspaper my freshman year for it, making an awesome trailer, to Discord featuring myself & the Discord as their first-ever Community Spotlight, to becoming the overall digital hub for student life – it’s been an amazing journey and I am so thankful to have created it the summer before my freshman year.

Not only have I personally been able to make so many friends on my college campus I otherwise wouldn’t have, I’ve created a family of a moderation team, a community of Comets, and helped thousands of other students help make friends too and keep in the loop of what was going on campus.

If you’re interested in joining the UT Dallas Discord, head to:


Never give up. You’re probably reading this because you either follow my personal life or are also a Discord Server Owner/Mod and interested in growing your community. Achieving partner is a huge step, and with dedication, you’ll get there!



Overall super thrilled to become a Discord Partner and will be tweeting some cute pictures in that fancy partner hoodie when it lands at my house! If a Discord Team member is reading this: Thank You. As a kid honestly growing up along with Discord, I’ve been able to make so many friends during high school and during my childhood with Discord – and becoming a partner has been a dream come true. Excited to be repping my favorite comms platform even more from here on out! <3

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