Eric Aaberg

Hey everyone! Writing in a super exciting personal announcement & achievement of something I’ve wanted to do in such a long time, and that is that I am expanding my management & creative team for my brand!

From being involved with numerous organizations and job involvements, I have always tried my best to make content on the weekly basis. Always having a passion for vlogging and documenting my daily life, trips, and cool projects I get to work on – but not having the free time to do so, I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to expand my team and bring on a few faces to grow professionally & compensate fairly.

I try to always strive to be a positive role model and influence within the gaming & esports industry, as well as in general – and with this expansion, I am hoping to create part-time opportunities for those who want to pursue video editing & content creation professionally.

What that being said, I am proud to announce I – and Team Tgr “Team Tiger” (the name for my mgmt + creative team behind my brand), are hiring a part-time Video Editor and Social Media Manager. I invite anyone and everyone interested/passionate to apply – and while these positions are monetarily paid & compensated, I will be looking for applicants with passion > experience.

This has always been a dream of mine, and I am super proud to be making this decision in the right direction!

Please note: This position is more of a “paid” mentorship (where you can grow in the position you’re applying for) and is seeking applicants more about passion > experience. Having experience will definitely help, but is not required.

If you have any questions, feel free to email [email protected]!

About Eric Aaberg

Eric Aaberg

Head of Social Strategy & Marketing, TGR Creative
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