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I’m going to start a new post series on marketing blog called “Just Cardio Thoughts” — where I use my phone to jot down a full on article as I’m doing my almost daily routine of an hour of cardio. With that being said, excuse any grammatical errors as I’m going to keep this strictly to on-the-go.

My Mental Reboot

Might just be me, but personally when I’m at the gym doing cardio specifically — that’s when my most creative ideas flow. I’m putting on my favorite Spotify playlist, have either water, cold brew, or an energy drink with me, and I’m just going at it. It’s highkey refreshing, and my favorite time to destress.

For me, cardio is the time where I can unwind, clear my head, and essentially reboot my perspective. I can definitely tell a difference on days where I don’t wake up early and do my workout vs. days I do. However, whenever I do get back to it — it’s kinda like a peaceful reset.


Anyways, just a few notes — again going to keep this short and sweet and probably start sharing my creative ideas on the go in the next article.

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