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SEEKING ADVICE: Marketing vs. Business Administration – which should be my Major vs. Minor? Does it matter?

Ever since I have started my journey as an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Dallas I have been considering if I was in the “exact right” major. Now helping run multiple departments’ social media channels, digital communications, and graphic design production, I have realized that Marketing describes me more than a Business Administration student.

I have the following options:

Major in “Business Administration Entrepreneurship & Innovation,” & Minor in “Marketing”.


Major in “Marketing,” & Minor in “Business Administration Entrepreneurship & Innovation”.

Both are *fantastic courses* at UT Dallas (in no way am I saying one is better than the other, I am just simply looking at which would be the *best choice* for me to Major vs. Minor in) and very much so overlap each other, and after talking with my academic advisors there wouldn’t be much change if I was to go either of these routes.

So the question is… does it matter? Employers, would the difference (taking into consideration my portfolio & previous work) be the make or break if I was competing against another candidate for a marketing position, just based on my major title? If I was to describe myself in either one or the other, I would easily say Marketing on any given day.

Please shoot me an email at [email protected] or even easier, reply to my twitter thread here.

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