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New Years is always fun – it’s a new year and it feels like a fresh canvas for you to paint a new story on. This past year has definitely brought new challenges our way, but we were strong and overcame them – creatively. This year, I’m diving down harder than ever to make 2022 my best year yet.

Setting a Weekly & Daily Routine

In 2021, I was introduced to Notion – however, I truly didn’t get accustomed to using it daily. That’s going to change because I could tell from night/day on weeks when I knew what I had to get done vs. had no clue what was going on.

For 2022, I am using Notion to set up a weekly routine & habit tracker with numeric goals for each habit – meaning each week I’ll be tracking if I met my goal, was under my goal, or achieved higher than my goal. I’ve got a few categories in which this will help me in 2022:

  • Personal Health/Fitness: The top 4 things on my habit tracker are Don’t Snooze, Make Bed, Workout, and Breakfast (CTRL). Each of these I’ve set my goal for 7 times/week (excluding workout at 6 times/week for a rest day), so I’m creating a productive morning routine to set a positive daily mindset. In addition, I’ll be waking up 6:30-7:00am each morning, as I always feel the most productive in the mornings.
  • Content: What you’ll notice on my habit tracker is a lot of sections about personal content – as I’m really going to be working towards being more of an on-camera content creator/personality for 2022. From filming TikToks to posting on social media platforms and YouTube, I’ll be tracking my progress in Notion as well.
  • Learning & Meditating: The last category I have in my habit tracker is more for my mental and spiritual health – including a time to meditate 5 times a week, writing a daily journal, and watching an educational podcast once a week. This will ensure I’m always keeping up with new things happening in the marketing/creative world, setting aside time to relax & focus on myself, and overall boost my mindset.

My 2022 Goals

  • Consuming content in moderation. When it comes to being a brand manager, marker, and creative – you have to always make sure you’re up with the trends on social media without becoming a consumer of social media. If you’ve ever downloaded TikTok, then you’ve probably always said to yourself “Oh, I’ll just watch 5 more TikToks” and then bam, it’s been 2 hours and you’ve just been scrolling mindlessly on your phone. This is probably one of the hardest things to overcome, but make sure you don’t get sucked into the mindless mindset of scrolling through social media platforms – you’ll be able to stay on task and be productive.
  • Focusing more on myself as a Content Creator. 2021 has been awesome working with brands such as Complexity, Envy / Dallas Fuel / Dallas Empire, Evil Geniuses, Discord, and many more – and with that, I’ve even accounted for over 350,000+ followers I’ve been able to gain for those brands specifically in 2021. However, I knew that I wasn’t keeping up with my own content creation. In Spring 2021, I had enough free time throughout the week to start weekly vlogs when I wasn’t in school, and I had super exciting trips throughout 2021 from photoshooting in Las Vegas for a cheer competition, to traveling to other cities and states as well for esports work – however I never got around to editing and producing vlog content at all in 2021, despite even recording numerous trips. That’s going to change, and in 2022 I’m making sure I’m focusing and allocating time + team talent to focus on my own content as a creator, documenting my adventures & life! I’ve always wanted to be a “YouTuber” whenever I watched my childhood YouTubers grow up back when the platform first launched – and I want to make sure I’m working towards one of my dreams.

So that’s it! I don’t really have many numerical goals for Q1 in 2022 – but I’m sure those are going to develop within the first few weeks. This may sound like a huge change to my daily schedule, but it’s totally doable without being burned out and I’m super excited for what’s to come in 2022.

So, what are your 2022 goals and resolutions? What do you plan to achieve this year?

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Eric Aaberg

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