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Joining Complexity Gaming originally as their TikTok Specialist, then later promoted to their Social Media Producer and Social Media Manager in the coming months, TikTok was the one platform I truly owned all content strategy, production, and execution of a newly invented medium for Complexity: social short-video.

I saw the most growth in my initial 6-8 months, when my role was solely focusing on our TikTok Channel (@complexity) and later transitioning into leading our entire social media team and strategy.


Complexity + GameSquare


Social Media Marketing,
Content Creation & TikTok


Sept 2021 – Jan 2023

Defining Short-Video

Growing Complexity's audience over 150,000+ through short-video and TikTok.

I saw the most audience growth in my initial 6-8 months when my role was solely focusing on our TikTok Channel and later transitioning into leading our entire social media team and strategy.

Social Media Manager

Whether it was working as a team or being a team of 1 at times during my chapter at Complexity, I helped implement proactive practices such as scheduling, social strategy, campaign planning, local-targeted marketing, etc. in addition to producing and creating short-video content on our TikTok.

Leading a Social Campaign

My favorite campaign I got to truly lead was the social media behind #TatmanTailgate (TimTheTatman’s first-ever event that took over The Ford Center in Frisco, Texas with over 8,000 attendees). I was in charge of all social media efforts, as well as managing the mascot (Kevin The Penguin).


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Results &

During my interview w/ Complexity, I shared my vision for where TikTok as a platform is going – trendsetting the social media space where other platforms will begin adopting short-video support, practices, and prioritization. I was given a clean canvas, to take the existing TikTok Channel (sitting at 8,200 followers) to fully take over strategy, production, and planning of our new content medium: social short-video.

Day 1 Results: I saw the channel instantly gained traction from my first day, which was the TimTheTatman Launch Event at The Star in Frisco – gaining over 145% follower growth to nearly 12,000 and later 19,000 followers that week.

End TikTok Results: (Sept 2021 – Jan 2023)

Fast-forward to writing this report: I saw the channel absolutely CRUSHED it and grew way past anyone’s expectations for the platform. If I would play it over again, I’d hire 2 or 3 more TikTok Brand Content Creators and just have your genz TikTok social media managers go CRAZY on making quality (or sometimes “simple stupid”) content and recycling that across YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels so your brand could capitalize on the short-form video opportunity there as well.

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