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Personality vs. Sales on Social Media ???❓

QOTD: Should you be trying to sell in all of your social media posts?

Answer: No.

Here’s a quick analysis of the #Xbox vs. #PlayStation Twitter accounts (from a quick scroll of some recent Tweets at the time). ?

? Let’s look at the #PlayStation Twitter account first. ?

What is one thing that you notice?

For me: I see immediately how most of the PlayStation’s tweets contain a link.

Why could this be a bad thing?

? Not everyone on social media is following you to go off the platform immediately. (Ie. they’d go to the Playstation Store for that)

? Having links in Tweets has been less favorable w/ Tweets without links (ie. comes off too “sales-y” and engagement is typically lower on links without Tweets) [Source: Hootsuite, article in the comments]

In addition, I notice that most of PlayStation’s tweets feel like they’re just selling me new games.

However… the majority of your audience probably isn’t in a “purchasing mode” where they’re even considering purchasing a game.

? Now look at #Xbox‘s Twitter account, what do you see? ?

Memes, engagement w/ other gaming brands, and relatable content. (In addition to the promotional tweets, etc.)

On #Xbox‘s account, I follow it because I see it as a cultural account – one that helps relate to a lot of the “gamers” out there and shares (+ advocates) for a lot of gaming culture.

#Xbox isn’t trying to sell you in every tweet, they’re creating content that serves their audience, and that’s how it should be on social media.

? The results? ?

? Higher engagement.

? Becoming a brand that’s recognized within the Twitter Gaming space. [Source: Twitter awards #Xbox as the Top Brand Account in their “Best of Tweets Brand Bracket”]

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