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This page is a customized static page captured from UT Dallas Temoc, and links to marketing campaigns & efforts involved with his TikTok Page.


    Temoc is the official mascot of UT Dallas. Temoc’s name, blue skin and fiery orange hair all come from a single source: Temoc is “comet” spelled backwards.

    Temoc’s best friends are the UT Dallas CheerleadersPower Dancers and athletes. Temoc is very serious about his physique and can be spotted working out at the Activity Center. He is very supportive of UT Dallas Athletics of all kinds: soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball and others. He is a part of the UT Dallas community and is one with the crowd.

    Temoc likes to attend major events on campus such as the Homecoming Parade, Casino Night, Freshman Convocation, Orientations, Alumni Breakfasts and more. Temoc also enjoys giving back to the community by participating in community service programs. He loves to get invitations so don’t hesitate to request an appearance at your next event.

    Temoc on TikTok

    Temoc has recently become known on TikTok, having his TikTok Channel launched back in 2020. Nowadays, Temoc is seen doing some of the latest trends – including Couch Guy, The Photo, Hot & Cold, and more. Below are updated visuals of Temoc at event activations, student life activities, and used in marketing collateral.

    Temoc is the official mascot of UT Dallas

    Mascot Awards

    Named 2022 All-American Mascot

    Named 2019 Most Collegiate Mascot

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