Eric Aaberg

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Treasure Wars Network

I worked at Treasure Wars, managed by Nexrl Solutions, Ltd. from April 2017 to October 2017 as the Community Manager.

Treasure Wars is owned and advertised by the Australian Gaming Youtuber, Lachlan, who has over 5,000,000 subscribers on his channel. Lachlan helped us advertise the project to his subscriber base and produced content for the network to millions of people on the internet.

At Treasure Wars, myself and our management team revived the project as it did not receive a game update for nearly 8 months since the last management team owned it. We hit a peak of over 1,200 unique players when we launched our reset update. We also became an Official Discord Partner, which was pretty exciting.

I was responsible for managing the staff team, creating announcement posts, updating end-user rules and agreements, monitoring support email, handling purchase payments, public relations, marketing partner, project branding, and much more.

I worked at Treasure Wars the same time I did Skytonia as our team managed both. I later then resigned in October to help with our focus on Skytonia at the time.

Nexrl Solutions Recommendation Form

For those whom it may concern, here’s a recommendation letter for my work at Skytonia and Treasure Wars at Nexrl Solutions, Ltd.

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