Eric Aaberg

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Becoming a Discord Partner

Being an OG and active Discord user since mid-2015, becoming a Discord Partner has always been a personal goal of mine. From being interviewed from Discord for the server I started at UT Dallas, to joining the HypeSquad Program back in 2018 – I *literally* jumped out of my chair when I was the email saying I was accepted into the Discord Partner Program.

This page is a sub-page of my 2021 Year Review collection.

Became a Discord Partner on Mar 2, 2021.

Becoming a Discord Ambassador

In addition of becoming a Discord Partner in March 2021, I became a Discord Ambassador in September 2021. The Discord Ambassador Program brings on passionate & talented students across the states at universities to help integrate their campus on Discord, create brand exposure for the platform, and organize activations on campus & become a friendly face of the brand to the public.

As a Discord Ambassador, I was paid part-time by the Campus Agency and worked directly with the Discord Community Team.