Eric Aaberg

[email protected]

Google Maps Local Guide (est. Early Program)

I am a photographer and local guide for Google Maps. I joined the Local Guides Program back in early 2017. Being a part of this program, I take photos at restaurants and places I visit, and post it to Google Maps – where it is then used for showcase.

I have over a total of 2,500,000 unique views of my photos, and most of them are food – so you can tell already that my phone has tons of pictures of food on it.

Food, Food, And More Food.

I have tons of photos of food from places that I go eat at on my Google Maps Profile. Whenever I go eat at a place, you can typically find me taking a photo or two inside the restaurant, and then at the food. And no, it’s not for Instagram. 😂

Here’s some photos of mine that I have taken. First Watch is one of my favorite places to go to, if not my favorite, and I go there all the time – so you will definitely see some nice breakfast foods from there. 🥞

👋🏻 Honestly though; if anyone want’s me to food review or take photos of your food, give me a shout! [email protected]