Eric Aaberg

[email protected]

Mineteria, Inc.

I am currently a Project Content Manager and the Community Manager of Mineteria, Inc.

I joined the Mineteria project back in Spring of 2016 shortly after I shut down my previous project. I was originally brought on by the founder for my creative activity, priceless dedication, and my amazing connection with the community I created. I worked with a team of 10 full-time developers and my partner for a few months and then we released a beta in the Summer of 2016 to the public. You can catch the infamous youtuber NewScapePro play on Mineteria with his friends to catch a glimpse of the community excitement when we initiated beta.

At the end of Summer, I resigned from my position and left the project to seek other opportunities. Mineteria was in the pre-transition of being sold to a new partner.

I rejoined the (new) team at Mineteria, Inc. back in December 2017 and currently help with the project as a Project Content and Community Manager. Mineteria, Inc. is now owned by Zach Schrier and the entire team has changed. We’ve got some awesome things being finalized for the project set to be released in May 2018, and I am quite excited for launch.