Eric Aaberg

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Mysteria Realms

What is Mysteria Realms?

Mysteria was my first Minecraft Server I started back in 2014. I started playing Minecraft with friends back in the summer and started a vanilla lan survival server right off my laptop. We had our own Survival SMP (Survival Multiplayer) running right until the point of Mysteria, when I decided to shut it down so I could host Mysteria on my laptop.

We started with the basics: CraftBukkit (1.7 Minecraft) and the Essential Plugins. The server itself was created from me being inspired from a factions server I used to play on with my friends, Desteria. We started with a Skyrim based RPG gamemode, as I was quite obsessed with the game back freshmen year. After that – we, myself and a few friends, later got creative and added our own few gamemodes such as zombies and hunger games.

The server ran as a small project of mine for about a good month, being majoritily hosted during the day on my laptop while I was at school. After a month or so, we had a player, who joined from a friend, ask us about donator ranks and perks. At this time, we did not have any sort of webstore where people could purchase goodies to help fund the server as this was simply being ran off my laptop. Though, from hearing this we started up our own store using Buycraft. I later got my first donation, which was about $20. This was a huge thing for me. I thought to myself “Someone actually gave me money in return for what I made?“, and then realized how much passion I had for this industry.

After some more donations, I then purchased a server from MCProHosting and moved the server finally off from my laptop (yay! I no longer have to worry about my laptop overheating or catching on fire). Fast-forward about a year and a half later; I had a peak of 200 unique players on my server at once, had a total of near 25,000 players log onto the server, and had an amazing experience learning on my own. I shut down the server once I realized the hype died down a bit and was getting a bit busy with school. The server itself ran for 1 Year, 2 Months, and 9 Days.

From this, I was then offered an managerial position on the upcoming network Mineteria from the original owner of Desteria, and thus began my professional work in the industry.

To many, this was a very very small project – and it was. I started Mysteria as a home-hosted lan server for my friends and I, and worked my way up from the very bottom to something that helped me get to where I was today.

You can find an archive of tweets and pictures from the @MysteriaRealms twitter account.