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We have over 150x #BurnBlue Overwatch League Token Codes and are giving them ALL to you all! We think our community members should start their New Year with some firey Dallas Fuel Overwatch Skins, so we’re literally picking winners left and right.

How to Enter!

Here’s how you can enter: Follow @UTDEsports and @DallasFuel on Twitter/Instagram, Turn on Post Notifications, and Join our Discord Server ( We’ve been tweeting quite a lot for contests community members can enter, and we’ve already picked 25+ Winners for 1x OWL Tokens Code each already!

So… what are you waiting for?! This is the biggest #BurnBlue event we’re doing ever so GO OUT THERE AND GO GO GO! All of these codes expire on January 1st, so we’re needing them to be given out and redeemed by then!

Hey – here’s a few unclaimed ones you can redeem since you’ve taken the time to read this post!

Thank You @DallasFuel

We also wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Dallas Fuel and their Senior Community Manager, Jay Hairston, for supplying us with these codes! Dallas Fuel is a leading competitive team in the Overwatch League and is a huge role model and inspiration to our athletes, fans, and program. Thank you all for this gift and we are looking forward to supporting yall in the next year’s OWL season!

This article was originally published by Eric Aaberg on the UT Dallas Esports website here.

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