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A few weeks ago, the League of Legends A & B teams traveled up to Tulsa, Oklahoma to compete in the Tulsa Pop Culture Expo $10,000 League of Legends Tournament, hosted by Midwest Esports. The tournament was a total of 3 days, with Groups the first day, semi-finals the second day, and finals the last day. With it being hosted at Tulsa Pop, there were quite some of the attractions there! This was some of our athletes’ first LAN Tournament, so the energy on the ride there was insane.

There were a total of 4 teams competing: University of Texas at Dallas A & B League Teams, University of North Texas, and the semi-professional competitive team Vireo. Since we made up two out of four teams of the bracket, we felt quite confident with our early-semester practicing behind our backs. We started off groups the first day with UTD A and UTD B against each other in a quick game. This was a pretty good warm up for the first group-match. After that, UTD A plays against Vireo and wins, and UTD B against UNT. These matches placed UTD B against Vireo and UTD A against UNT for the first match of semi-finals.

UTD B plays a tough match against Vireo, however lost 1-2. They then played against UNT to battle for 3rd place and win. UTD A wins against UNT for their first match and are set up against Vireo for the finals. Finals day come and it’s all-concentration in the tournament area. UTD A Team prepares against their final fight against Vireo for 1st place. The first match we won, however Vireo make a huge comeback and win the next two matches.


Overall it was a fantastic trip! Both teams take home a total of $5,000 from the cash pool and the team had a fantastic time bonding with each other at many of their firsts’ away LAN tournament. With the team having only practice for not even two months before this tournament, we consider this a huge win in our book. This is one of many victories we will be taking home and has been a big boost for our program!

Currently we’re switching gears for the Spring Semester as we enter with new team members on both League of Legends teams from tryouts. As always, be sure to join our Discord Server to stay up to date!

Be sure to watch the Tulsa VLOG on our youtube channel!

This article was originally posted by Eric Aaberg on the UT Dallas Esports website here.



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