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[Richardson, Texas | The University of Texas at Dallas | May 12, 2023] – Eric Aaberg, graduating marketing senior at The University of Texas at Dallas, is revealed as the University Mascot “Temoc” during the 2023 All University Commencement Ceremony.

During his undergraduate studies, Eric Aaberg served as the Lead Mascot “Temoc” and Captain of the Mascot Program at UT Dallas for the past 4 years. Over the years, he helped bring Temoc to life through his hundreds of appearances on campus, engaging social media content, and national performances.

Temoc is a friendly, sweet (sometimes sensitive and dramatic…), wholehearted Comet who loves making other students smile and laugh when out and about around campus. Throughout the past few years, the Mascot Team under Spirit Programs was able to evolve and grow to new heights.

Over the past 4 years, Temoc has received the following awards:

  • 2019 NCA Most Collegiate Mascot
  • 2021 NCA All-American Mascot
  • 2022 NCA All-American Mascot
  • 2022 Top 4 NCA Collegiate Mascot in the Nation
  • 2023 Top 4 TDA Collegiate Mascot in the Nation
  • 2023 NDA National Champion (Spirit Rally)

Becoming the mascot (Temoc) was one of the best decisions I made here during my time at UTD. I originally joined the Spirit Programs as a Cheerleader my freshman year and remember one of my friends saying, “What if YOU were the mascot?! I mean, you have the school spirit.” I immediately said no and that it wouldn’t be something I’d ever do. A few days or weeks later, I had a dream about trying out as the mascot – a “vision,” if you’d say. I later tried out, made it, and have loved being the mascot ever since.

It gives you a whole new perspective of campus, student life, and your experience here at the university. It’s giving… literally main character energy, haha. But the best part was being able to go around campus and see students around me instantly light up as they rushed over, screamed Temoc’s name, took a selfie or video, or came in for a hug or high-five.

Eric Aaberg, Lead Mascot & Mascot Captain (The University of Texas at Dallas)
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Eric Aaberg

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