Eric Aaberg

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Skytonia Network

I worked at Skytonia, owned by Nexrl Solutions, Ltd. from December 2017 to November 2017 at a Community Manager.

I joined the project after working on a small network after I originally left Mineteria.

At Skytonia, my partner and I worked to create a unique family-friendly experience for our player base to enjoy. One thing we always were set on was simplicity as we knew that our young audience would need an easy user interface to properly experience the network. We had quite some awesome successes; at launch in Spring 2017 we hit 500 concurrent players online. Later, we expanded our servers and added unique minigames such as Murder Mystery – aspected to fit our community’s love for roleplay singleplayer games.

Here’s a few publications from myself at Skytonia:

Overall it was a great time and experience for myself at Skytonia. You can the great branding myself and my partner made at Skytonia on the website and twitter.

Nexrl Solutions Recommendation Form

For those whom it may concern, here’s a recommendation letter for my work at Skytonia and Treasure Wars at Nexrl Solutions, Ltd.

Business concerns for my previous employer: [email protected]